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​​Welcome to the English National Old Time Dance Society, formed to promote the best interests of Traditional Old Time Dancing.

The founders have become concerned that the steady influx of so-called "Classical" dances is resulting in the omission from programmes of the older, traditional dances,  many of the new dances incorporating technical figures which are not in the Old Time syllabus. Further more, we have no wish to copy the loss of older dances due to "new"  dances, as experienced by the Modern Sequence classes.  Club Leaders are of course free to include in their programmes any dances they wish, but restrictions will be placed on the inclusion of the newer dances at our Society events.

Your Committee at present comprises of five qualified and very experienced professionals, each of them having over 40 years of Old Time under their belts. They desire to work only for traditional Old Time and not for personal aggrandisement. They each have no interest in power politics, and will work solely in the Best Interests of Old Time Dancing.

Let us look forward to enjoying our style of dancing in an atmosphere of friendship and trust.



The English  National Old Time Dance Society was formed at an inaugural meeting of it's Founder Members on 31st January 2015 in Cannock Staffordshire, England.

The Founder members are :- Wendy & David Griffiths of Merstham, Surrey; Fred & Joyce Boast of Middlewich, Cheshire; Mike & Pat Cooper of Cannock, Staffordshire; and Mike & Kathleen Savory of Leicester.

It was agreed that the following would serve at it's first Committee Members :-

President/Chairman-Fred Boast
Secretary-Wendy Griffiths
Membership Secretary-Mike Savory
Treasurer-David Griffiths

Aims and Objectives of the Society are to ACTIVELY:

a/ Preserve  only Traditional Old Time Dancing and it's Music
b/ Promote Traditional Old Time Dancing and it's Music
c/ Provide Scripts & Music and DVD's
d/ Be a "One Stop" shop for everything to do with Traditional Old Time Dancing and it's Music

The Aims and Objectives of the New Society are to Actively  Preserve, Promote and Further Traditional Old Time Music & Dancing.  We have a United & Dedicated Committee which encompasses a wealth of talent, knowledge and experience, gained first hand over many years covering all aspects of Traditional Old Time Music & Dancing. 

This Wonderful World of Old Time Music & Dance which we have inherited from past generations, was the very music and dance of our Parents, Grandparents and even our Great Grandparents generations,  it's very soundtrack moulded and shaped Great Britain and it's Empire from early Victorian times through two World Wars up until quite recently.

It was forged and created over many generations by a host of Dedicated and Determined Professionals of the highest calibre   -- Teachers, Dancers, Musicians, Composers, and Arrangers, and this unique art form became the very essence of our English Culture and Heritage -  Left to us as a Legacy in Trust.

We in the Society will Endeavour to Preserve and Promote this unique English Art Form to the Best of our Ability. So that we can keep it Alive and Pass it on, in Trust, to Future Generations.

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Will be open to all who have the desire to see Traditional Old Time Dancing and it's Music Preserved for Future Generations. To become a member please complete a membership form.

For details of an Old Time Dance Club near you see our Events page.

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