21/09/23 - October Holiday

​​​Due to sickness cancellations, 2 single have now become available. Please contact me as soon as possible for more details or to book. Fred.

18/02/24 - Llandudno Spring Holiday

​​​Still a few rooms available for the Kensington Hotel, Llandudno Spring holiday in April, with dancing to David Ingley. Click here for more information. President Fred.


16/12/23 - A Note On Membership From A Member

​​​From Julia Cosh, Newbury - "Don't worry about subscription increase as we have been lucky for it to have lasted this long. Not only that it is still only £1 per month for your excellent magazine, etc." Thank you Julia for your understanding - President Fred.

16/04/24 - Llandudno Spring Holiday

​​​Due to illness cancellations we now have 2 double rooms available on the Llandudno holiday 22nd - 26th April - both parties cancelling are happy to loose their monies but would accept a donation. Holidays worth over £600 a couple. 4 nights half board plus old time dancing to David Ingley. Contact Fred ASAP please.

19/09/23 - Membership Fees

​​​Due to the ever increasing cost of postage and printing we are going to have to increase our membership fees as of 1st January 2024. This will be our first increase since we were formed some 7 years ago. We very much hope that you can agree with us and continue your most valued support. Agreed in Committee 14th September 2023. Fred Boast, President.

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18/02/24 - Spring News

​​​Our first issue of 2024 is now published and be with our members in the next few days - this issue includes all the usual information plus some interesting articles. President Fred.

04/01/24 - Llandudno Holiday Update

​​​Happy New Year to all our members. Our first event in 24 is the holiday at the Kensington Hotel, Llandudno 22nd-26th April.  4 nights half board and dancing each evening & a couple of mornings! to David Ingley. 50% of rooms already sold so please let me know if you are interested so that you do not miss out. Happy dancing - President Fred.

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