05/12/21 - Stella King Obituary

It is with great sorrow that I report death of Stella on 2nd November last year. Stella, with husband Julian, had been members...

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07/10/21 - Isle of Wight Holiday April 25th - 29th

​​​Isle of Wight Holiday April 25th - 29th has had to be cancelled due to lack of interest, by cancelling now we only lose our deposit, if we were to leave it any longer we would be liable for a percentage of the costs for 40 bookings and your committee decided that this was a risk that we could not afford to take. We will see if we can find an alternative venue that is more acceptable to our members. Fred

19/09/21 - Books etc. for sale

​​​Over the years we have accumulated lots of books etc., that have been given or left to our archives by members – many are...

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05/12/21 - Eric Barlow Obituary

I’m sorry to have to tell you that Eric, the organist at the [Stockport] Town Hall for many years, left us on July 6th aged almost 92...

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24/07/21 - Old Time Dancing Autumn Break

​​​Nov 7th-11th – the Mayfair have offered this alternative date to June, appreciate it clashes with the Dawlish holiday but as that is normally sold out, we have decided to accept this date. As David Last is booked for Dawlish, we have been able to secure the services of David Ingley. I have already received reservations for half the allotted accommodation so if interested please let me know asap. £225 per member (Non-members £250 each). See ad this issue.

22/06/22 - Holidays

​​​For those of you who were disappointed that you missed out on our Llandudno holiday - due to Hotel restricting our rooms numbers - please see details of our September holiday in Street on our Society Holidays page. Bookings are now coming in and all singles have been taken but still twin and double rooms still available. Please book soon if you do not wish to be left out again! Fred.


27/02/22 - A Note from Secretary Wendy

Many, many congratulations to our President Fred, who has just won 1st Prize in the 'Old-time' (Classical Sequence) West of Britain Inventive Dance Competition with his winning dance the 'Frejoy Swing'.

For copyright reasons we are not allowed to publish the script here, but, for those attending the Lytham St. Anne's weekend in early March Fred will be delighted to teach you the dance himself.  


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